DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) — In a morning prayer update posted on Facebook early Monday morning, the Reverend Thack Dyson with St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Daphne said they’re still doing well but, in his words, still having glitches getting flights out of Israel. He said three flights were canceled as domestic carriers have pulled back for the time being. They have a flight later this week that’s tentative right now.

Dyson said their group of 18 arrived last week Tuesday and had planned to spend more than a week touring Holy Land sites. They were in Tel Aviv when the violence broke out Saturday, they heard some of the rockets but no one from their group was hurt. Since then they’ve moved north, out of range of the heaviest fighting.

A spokesperson for Congressman Jerry Carl’s office sent us a statement late Sunday saying they’ve been in contact with the church and US State Department trying to get this group safely home. Dyson told us Sunday he’s visited the Holy Land several times and this is the first time a pilgrimage to these Biblical sites had to be cut short because of conflict. He says they appreciate the prayers, messages, and the coverage they’ve received stateside. Dyson says they’re still safe and hopefully will be able to fly to Dubai and then the US later this week. He says they’ll continue to pray and even tour some sites but on a limited basis based on where they are. Except for the stress of trying to get a flight out, Dyson says it’s been a good trip.