BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) – Storms and flooding have created problems in Baldwin County over the last couple of weeks. Fish River is still higher than normal on Thursday, but it’s not just the water level causing issues. Nearby construction sites mixed with daily downpours are pushing mud right into local waterways.

“We’re frustrated because often times the state isn’t providing enough enforcement for these contractors to be motivated to do the right thing,” said Cade Kistler with Mobile Baykeeper.

Mobile Baykeeper is the environmental watchdog organization that monitors waterways and problems spots across Mobile and Baldwin Counties. On Thursday, News 5 met up with Kistler at the Fairhope Falls subdivision, where new home construction is creating a mess. Kistler said folks living on Fish River ultimately suffer the consequences as a result.

“They have docks that are getting shallower, boat houses they can’t get out of, swimming holes they used to jump into now they can’t barely wade into and of course oysters and the sea grasses are both affected by that, too,” Kistler explained.

Kistler said silt fences have been compromised leading to a lot of the problems he sees, but he said it’s up to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management to ultimately make sure the problems are corrected.

“There are rules and essentially the clean water act says they can’t allow this mud, which is a pollutant when it gets in our waterways, to go into the creeks and streams that they’re near to,” said Kistler.

Mobile Baykeeper relies on residents to report runoff and problems when they spot it. Kistler said the sooner they know about an issue, the quicker they can work to try and get it resolved.

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