BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — High winds and low humidity are a perfect combination for disaster. Currently, a red flag warning is in effect for the entire Gulf Coast, with a critical fire threat covering Mobile and Baldwin Counties.

Resident Johny Cahoon came across a fire that broke out near his home. Cahoon initially smelled the smoke and began to look for the source when he found the fire.

“I smelled smoke from my place over there. I looked and looked and couldn’t see any smoke,” said Cahoon. “Came down Mannich Lane and noticed the flames. It was flaming and smoke.”

Magnolia Springs firefighters were able to get the fire under control but it shows how quickly a fire can get out of control in conditions like this. “We get concerned any time the relative humidity is below 30% and I think we are at 21, the last forecast I saw 21%. So that’s a real danger,” said Foley Fire Chief Joey Darby.

Firefighters from Foley and Elberta were called out to a vehicle fire before sunrise off County Road 32. They were able to extinguish that blaze but not for long. “Fire essentially caught back up a little before noon and the guys have been back out there ever since,” said Darby. “Had to get Forestry out really as a precaution.”

Around 40 acres continue to smolder. A fire break has been cut around the area and even that might not be enough, “Absolute worse conditions for us,” said Darby.

For now, Johnny Cahoon is breathing a sigh of relief. “It worried me that it was going to come over to my property.” A close call for him that was too close for comfort.