LOXLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — One car after another, motorists are finding out the hard way that their favorite cut-through is closed and making a quick turn around right in front of Mary Walters’ house.

“Look at these poor people, they’re all ticked off,” Walters said.

The road is closed to replace a worn drain pipe running under County Road 55 near the Lakeland Subdivision.

“The bump is so horrible that they are trying to repair,” Walters said.

The bump, as Mary Walters calls it, is actually where the pipe is collapsing underneath the road. Damaged by Hurricane Sally, the replacement costs $650,000 funded by ALDOT, the Federal Highway Administration and the county.

“This is not a simple pull a pipe out and put a new pipe in this is a tremendous upgrade,” Baldwin County Engineer Frank Lundy said.

The corrugated pipe, which has been there for years, will be replaced with a concrete culvert that will be able to better control the flow of water, according to Lundy.

“This is a project that is needed from a safety standpoint,” he said. “It will be an inconvenience for a few months.”

As for the flow of traffic, that’s something the 4-mile detour will have to take care of.

“I’m about tired of that bump,” Walters said. “I’ll put up with all that traffic to get rid of that.”

The project is expected to be finished sometime in February 2024.