DAPHNE. Ala. (WKRG) — In an emergency, seconds matter, and the simple act of knowing CPR can save a life.

The American Heart Association presented a “CPR in Schools” training kit to Daphne High School Thursday. The donation was made possible by USA Health.

The kit includes everything teachers need to educate students, including mannequins and instruction videos. Bridget Dunn with the American Heart Association says the kits can help students save lives.

“It teaches hands-only CPR bystander CPR. And that’s what we are trying to educate our community to do is act. So, don’t wait, act. Call 911, ask for an AED and start compressions in the middle of the chest hard and fast.”

All but three high schools in Baldwin County have at least one of the kits on campus. The goal now is to find sponsors to help provide kits for Spanish Fort, Elberta and Baldwin County High Schools.