BAY MINETTE, Ala. (WKRG) — A computer and a keyboard can be dangerous things when the person on the other end wants your money.

“They are very, very good at their jobs,” said Chief Assistant District Attorney Teresa Heinz. “They are very convincing.”

The latest scam comes in the form of an e-mail about a warrant for a person who has missed a court date. They are told to go to a kiosk and post bond with Bitcoin and then report to the sheriff’s office.

That’s the first red flag according to Circuit Court Clerk Brenda Ganey.

“We do not accept Bitcoin, cash bonds have to be cash or cashier check or money-order received through the mail or in person at the clerk’s office,” she said.

The second red flag?

“We do not email except to attorneys,” said Ganey.

The documents that are e-mailed may look official but they are not. Ganey said the real documents are easy to identify.

“It would be the seal of Alabama, it would have Ala-file e-notice,” she said. “This right here would have all my contact information on it.”

The District Attorney’s Office is now investigating.

“If you look and take a long hard look you’re going to see there’s something just not right about this and if any time you get that gut feeling that something is not right just pick up the phone and call,” said Heinz.

The bottom line for this scam or any scam: if you suspect something, you’re probably right. Check it out and always report it to authorities.