GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) — Heading to the beautiful Baldwin County beaches can be a total nightmare. This year, as thousands flock to soak up the sun, the commute won’t be so bad.

City of Gulf Shores engineer Mark Acreman came up with a way to fix the congestion and prevent accidents.  

“We just completed this signal behind me, at East second street and highway 182, and this will finally allow pedestrians to safely cross to our beach access area,” Acreman said.

And for some drivers, like Baldwin County resident Will Gates, he is already seeing a major difference.

“It’s definitely doing a lot better, from what is was from back in the past but definitely in the summer time it’s probably get a lot worse but recently it’s gotten better,” Gates said.

These traffic signals have a price tag of $300,000.

One local I spoke to off camera said the main issue is highway 59 in Gulf Shores, but he is in luck because Acreman said they will BE fixing the chaos on 59 soon.

“We are also going to a evaluate of all the signals along highway 59 and give those an update on all the timing,”  Acreman said.

Next up the city will install signals on West Second Street, behind Rouses in Gulf Shores.