FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) – It’s an empty building across the street from Foley City Hall, but soon the space will have new purpose.

“It’s big enough for youth leagues and things of that nature that gives us a home here in the city,” said Foley Mayor Ralph Hellmich.

Hellmich says a large gym inside will likely be used for youth basketball and other activities, but the other side of the building that’s lined with offices could give the city more room to grow in the future.

“Basically, it allows us to expand without having to build new buildings. We also have a really great piece of property. We have storage, we have storage buildings and we also have a secure fenced in area, so it just checks a lot of boxes,” he explained.

The city took possession of the building earlier this year. It was built in the 1960s and housed the Alabama National Guard until this past January when the city swapped land for a new armory near the Foley Beach Express in exchange for this facility.

It’ll need a little TLC, but Mayor Hellmich believes most of the work is cosmetic. Windows and doors will be replaced, along with flooring. Minor repairs will be made to the gym.

“They did upgrade this armory about 4-5 years ago and did a lot of internal work. We will be doing some renovations to it and we will move into it and start utilizing it as soon as possible,” said Hellmich.

He says the city council will help decide what happens next.