FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — Garbage is being dumped into recycling bins in Foley.

City of Foley Public Works Director Darrell Russell said they are finding more than just trash.

“We are finding more pizza boxes, glass, even animal carcasses,” Russell said.

Russell said it is costing the city thousands.

“We were paying $15 a ton to haul our recyclables to the landfill, but it has increased to $60 a ton if we send them a contaminated load,” Russell said.

If you are caught throwing trash and other non-recyclable items into the curbside bins, you will get a notice from the city.

“We will take your can if we catch you so many times, or we will put a tag on it and say, ‘Hey look, you are doing this, you need to stop this,’ so we will revoke your can,” Russell said.

Russell said if you do not have curbside service, there is a recycling area at the courthouse.