FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) — Downtown Fairhope is a staple for residents and visitors. Local businesses and city administrative offices make up most of the downtown area. Section Street is already a small, but when delivery trucks are parked in the middle, it causes a major hazard for some.

Shane Nolte with Fairhope Police Department said delivery trucks are constantly parked in front of the police department.

“We have a lot right here in front of the station that causes us some problems because they line up and it’s hard for our emergency vehicles to get in and out so obviously that causes a few problems,” said Nolte.

The City of Fairhope only has one designated zone for delivery trucks causing all the others to park in the middle of Section Street making it tough for vehicles to get by.

“We’ve had a situation right here as a matter of fact where these trucks have lined up and somebody was coming through with a boat that couldn’t get through,” said Nolte. “It just wouldn’t fit so we had to get out here and clear that up.”

The City’s traffic committee has had this issue brought to their attention by residents and are coming up with possible solutions to fix this problems. Nolte said one major issue is the trucks blocking crosswalks.

“My biggest concern is that crosswalk right there and if someone goes to cross in it, traffic may not always be able to see them,” said Nolte.

Nolte is part of the city of Fairhope’s traffic committee and he said they are coming up with solutions to fix this problem right here.

He said a possible solution is having designated hours for delivery trucks or just creating more loading zones. Nolte wants residents and visitors to know that they are working hard to fix this problem.