GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) – If you’re looking to get rid of your Christmas tree and put it to good use, here’s your chance. The Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores is collecting trees now through the end of January to help with dune restoration.

The project started in the 198’s and has continued to grow each year. You’re asked to drop trees off on the east end of the Gulf State Park Pavilion parking lot. Those trees will then be placed on the beach in February to help protect the coastline from erosion.

“The Christmas trees help to collect the wind blown sand out of the air and the sand settles around the Christmas tree and it holds it in place and ultimately builds a new dune,” said Kelly Reetz with the Gulf State Park.

Officials say it only takes a few months for the trees to start collecting sand and making a positive impact once they’re on the beach.