BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG)– Daphne Search and Rescue Chaplain Tony Dickey arrived in Maui on Aug. 15. He’s been focused on distributing supplies and cooking for the community.

Dickey was able to be present and get footage of the first few boats coming to shore with supplies and necessities for the island. Dickey said he’s inspired how the residents are handling this tough situation.

“This community is just amazing,” Dickey said. “They have come together. I am here at a distribution pod on the island. We have a line probably 2 miles long, coming through the distribution center. They are cooking breakfast and handing it to the people as they drive through.”

Dickey also said his mission is to pass out these “comfort cubs” bears to women and children who are having a tough time.

“We met this lady at the church,” Dickey said. “She had four kids, some of her family were lost in the flames. She had lost a lot; she was so devastated. As soon as she received the bear and held it, she just broke down and started crying.”

Dickey will be there until Aug. 31 to help the locals through this devastation.