ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) — Residents in Orange Beach are struggling with “dead zones” areas where there is little to no cell reception. City officials are hoping a new fleet of utility poles will strengthen cellphone reception. 

Kit Alexander with the City of Orange beach believes weak cell reception could be dangerous especially when there’s an emergency. 

“If there is any sort of a life safety issue, we of course want to make sure that people can reach 911 wherever they are in the City of Orange Beach, and this will facilitate that,” said Alexander.

Alexander said aesthetics was one focus when installing the new poles.

“The poles can only be 50 feet tall; they have to be metal and on state roads they have to be green to match our streetlights and in neighborhoods, black to match those streetlights, we limit the size of the equipment and want to make sure that they’re pleasing for our streets,” said Alexander.

A survey was taken this year and most Orange Beach residents mentioned the dead zones were near Highway 161 and Canal Road, as those are two main routes through the city. City leaders requested a utility pole to be installed in those areas.

One pole is next to the medical arts center off of 161 and a second pole is located near Cactus Cantina, right off of Canal Road. Alexander said dozens of poles are coming soon to Orange Beach.