BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — The ongoing wildfires in Eastern Canada are producing tremendous amounts of smoke, which have reached the Gulf Coast, leading to hazy skies.

You may have seen these hazy skies over Mobile Bay on Tuesday. It’s not fog, and it’s not steam. It is smoke from the Canadian wildfires and could be a health hazard for some.

We spoke with a Pulmonary Physician Peter Lutz with Baldwin County Pulmonary Associates, and he said anyone with respiratory problems should take it easy.

“It could start causing problems for anyone who has any kind of respiratory disease, like COBD, Asthma, and a lot more that fall in that category because that particular matter in the air can cause some people to start developing coughs, increased shortness of breath and wheezing,” Lutz said.

The hazy skies are likely to stick around until Wednesday, and if you are someone with respiratory health concerns or have asthma, there are a few things to do to prepare.

“Try to avoid going outside as much as possible, stay inside with the air condition with filters,” Lutz said. “That’s probably the best place if you are very sensitive or very prone to be triggered by things.”

Lutz also explained that the smoke is not just a threat to people with respiratory issues, it could affect anyone if the air quality worsens.

“Any of us, if we get enough smoke, we can start developing respiratory problems, even someone who has normal lungs,” Lutz said. “What we expect from these fires is probably not going to bother someone who doesn’t have any kind of lung disease.”

The smoke from the fires is moving east. Air quality looks to improve by the end of the week.