BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — Sunday afternoon a family was home watching a movie in their living room when a bullet hit the sliding glass door just feet away.

“It would’ve been right in their head no doubt,” said Teri Collier. One side of the door is shattered. It’s as far as the bullet went Sunday, only piercing through the first layer of glass but it’s still too close for comfort. “I saw the hole right away,” she explained.

It happened near Fish River at a home in Summerdale off of Annie Cooper Lane. Collier grabbed her two young grandchildren and ran to a back bedroom, taking cover knowing someone had just shot into the home.

“Pop, pop, pop. They would stop and then pop, pop, pop some more,” she said as she described what she heard.

While Collier laid low her husband and son-in-law ran outside and could still hear shots coming from the woods across their backyard pond.

“It was very scary. I was shaking,” she added. She said it’s not their first close call on the property. Her son-in-law was fishing a few months back when a bullet hit the dirt beside him.

“It’s just a random neighbor. Someone shooting their guns, but not being responsible,” she said.

The homeowner is warning everyone to pay attention and if you plan to shoot a gun, she said know where you’re aiming. Her family never imagined a bullet would come this close.

“Yeah, the granddaughter would’ve been right there in her head. If she would’ve just been standing there like she does. We look out that way a lot. I get shaky talking about it,” Collier continued. The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.