BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — For about a dozen families River Road is the only way to and from their homes in Baldwin County and rising water is making that drive harder each time it rains.

“There are two things going on there. One is the road blowing out. Two is Styx River getting up so high that it covers the whole road in its entirety,” said Baldwin County Engineer Joey Nunnally.

He updated us Tuesday on plans to move the entire road north out of the flood-prone area. Those initial plans were announced last year, but so far work hasn’t started on the project. The county still needs to purchase property from three or four land owners in order to build a bridge, which Nunnally said is the permanent fix.

“We’re in communication with them now, but we haven’t made any offers yet. This one’s on the top of our list. It just takes a little time. When you’re dealing with right of ways, surveys, hydraulic design, a bridge design,” said Nunnally.

Last week heavy rain and a high Styx River created the latest problem that’s been ongoing for years. Each time this happens the county makes repairs, but until the road is moved these are only temporary fixes.

“We actually did go in and put some additional pipes in about a month or two ago, but we’re planning on going back again to do some more improvements to try and keep this from happening again,” said Nunnally.

County officials anticipate work could begin on the project by early next year. That can’t come soon enough for residents desperately waiting for a new road to be built.