Black bear spotted in Lake Forest

Baldwin County

DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) — A bear in Lake Forest, images from Tuesday morning shared in a Facebook post to neighbors on Lakeview Loop of the latest sighting.

“I think that’s kind of neat,” said Mike Malsom as he walked his dog. “That’s unusual but there is a lot of forest around here and areas that it can go and not be seen too much.”

Monday morning what is believed to be the same bear was spotted in Belforest crossing County Road 54. “I like wildlife,” said Matthew Milloway. “I don’t mind alligators and bears and stuff however this community has got a lot of kids in it so that is a safety concern.”

Why here and now? Wildlife expert J.J. McCool believes it’s could be a young male expanding it’s range and looking for a particular food. “I don’t see as much of a danger for us as I do for the bear getting run over or something like that happening but it’s kind of unique.”

“It’s pretty cool that there is a little bear, or a big bear not a little one, but it’s pretty cool but still nervous cause we got little kids that play everywhere and there’s a lot of them too,” said Tabitha DeVall who lives on Lakeview Loop.

Milloway is concerned for all the kids too. “I’d like for them to be able to wander around without so much supervision but if we got bears walking around it’s kind of an issue.”

There have now been at least two sightings of the bear in 24 hours. McCool says if you see it, stay away. “Hopefully that bear will move on and get into a wilder area and get out of our hair so to speak.”

Just to be on the safe side, McCool suggests folks living in the areas where the bear has been spotted to wait until the last minute to put out any smelly garbage to be picked up. That way the bear is not tempted to grab an easy meal and maybe hang around even longer.

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