BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — Millions of people are either on their way home or just getting home. Thousands of people made a trip through the Gulf Coast I-10 corridor this weekend wrapping up the Thanksgiving Holiday.

The most immediate concern for drivers at Buc-ee’s on this travel day was getting in and out of the parking lot. As the place got packed well before noon, some visitors could spend 15 minutes or more just trying to drive off the property.

It’s a long line of traffic with an even longer drive ahead for the hundreds of people passing through. This year AAA predicted nearly 49 million Americans would drive to their Thanksgiving destination. This year inflation is a continued concern pushing up prices for basic necessities, especially food and fuel. Travelers say they’re not happy about it but most have no choice.

“Most definitely, everything costing a little more from milk to water, you have to dig a little deeper you have to drive and you have to get where you have to go but it’s hurting everybody,” said Tyrone Snyder as he sat in a vehicle with others who were headed to Cape Canaveral.

AAA says Thanksgiving weekend road travel is up slightly this year compared to last year but still lower than pre-pandemic levels, but you wouldn’t know it at one of the most visited travel spots along I-10.