BELFOREST, Ala. (WKRG) — Rezoning signs are becoming a common sight in Baldwin County.

“The bottom line is it’s just too much for this area,” said Daryl Cleworth.

He says he isn’t against new development near his Belforest home, but he wants to make sure it’s done the right way. A field on Rebel Road backs up to his property where more than a hundred homes on smaller lots could be built if a new subdivision is approved.

“With excessive growth and infrastructures maxed at their capacity already we just would like them to take a breath. We’re not against growth, but let’s do that in a respectful and honorable way,” he explained.

Just in the last few years he says new homes and subdivisions are popping up faster than ever and he’s worried the rapid growth will create additional problems county roads aren’t prepared to handle.

“Water, sewer, roads, schools, etc. All of which are being pressed. Rebel Road has become a cut through and a quick access since we don’t have traffic circles at the end of County Road 64 and Austin Road,” said Cleworth.

That’s why he and several other residents are going door to door asking residents to sign a petition to regulate what’s happening in their community. They plan to deliver the petition to officials at the next county planning meeting in July. So far they’ve collected over 150 signatures.

“They’re feeling the same stress, they’re feeling the same issues in regards to this development here and they, like us, would like them to just slow down and take a better look at that,” he said.

The homeowners say they want the county and residents in Belforest to work together as more people move to Baldwin County. He’s also concerned because he says his lot is zoned as an estate-sized property, unlike the new ones being proposed.