ROBERTSDALE, Ala. (WKRG) — The house near the end of Hunt Road in Robertsdale is in shambles, still surrounded by crime scene tape with windows and doors smashed. It is where investigators say James Weeks, 30, was hold up for almost a week with two small children inside with a gun.

Crime scene tape surrounds the house on Hunt Road in Robertsdale where investigators say James Weeks, 30, refused to come out.

The situation began Sunday with a domestic violence call. A woman had been badly beaten. She was able to get out of the house and was taken to the hospital. But Weeks refused to come out according to Capt. Clint Cadenhead and it all came to a head early Friday morning.

“It rocked on for three days until yesterday negotiators were able to talk him into giving the children up,” said Cadenhead.

That would begin a six-hour standoff with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s SWAT team for the fourth day.

“I heard the bullhorn from the SWAT team,” said Carl Myrick lives nearby and watched Thursday night with other neighbors from a distance. “SWAT team was staging right back out here and then they drove around in the vehicle started pleading with the guy to come out.”

Baldwin County Sheriff’s Bearcat used in SWAT call to Hunt Road.

“We have a history with him at that particular residence and resistive behavior,” said Cadenhead.

Negotiations continued for several hours. Eventually, the BCSO armored vehicle, the Bearcat, used its battering ram at least four times according to witnesses and deployed tear gas. Weeks climbed into the attic to escape the gas and partially fell through the ceiling above some of the officers who were able to pull him through the ceiling and was taken into custody.

“It was time for something to happen to the guy,” said Myrick. “Because he just wasn’t a beneficial member of society.”

Weeks remains in the Baldwin County Jail facing charges of felony domestic violence, resisting arrest, violation of release order and distribution of a controlled substance. Weeks was booked at 1:29 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 19.