BAY MINETTE, Ala. (WKRG) — Just a few weeks left until public school starts back in Baldwin County and that’s why Bay Minette Police are training now to keep your kids safe. Officers responded to Bay Minette Elementary School Wednesday afternoon, having no idea at first that this is just a drill.

“They will receive a live radio call of an active shooter. They’ll be provided a description of the individual,” said Bay Minette Police Chief Al Tolbert.

Tolbert wants to make active shooter training this week as real as possible to be sure his officers respond quickly and know what to do if an armed intruder ever steps foot on school property.

“They will obviously receive an adrenaline rush just from the radio call, plus encountering the live blank shotgun rounds that they will hear,” he explained.

For everyone’s safety before they arrived on campus officers were told this is all a drill. Their guns were left at a checkpoint, then they were issued protective gear and a realistic SIM gun. But, Sgt. Stephen Taylor still had to treat the situation as if there was an active shooter inside.

“You don’t have much time for a game plan when two guys get here you just have to go in and try to take care of the situation,” said Sgt. Taylor.

It’s something Bay Minette Police are training for this week before school starts back in August. Chief Tolbert says every officer has a map and layout of each school and they’re also able to use cameras to monitor each campus.

“If something did happen we want to be prepared to address it and stop any threat as quickly as possible,” continued Chief Tolbert.

He says it’s not a one-time training. They’ll continue drills like this throughout the year.