BAY MINETTE, Ala. (WKRG) – For two days in a row police respond to Bay Minette Middle School for an active shooter threat.

“The adrenaline rush is there. There’s a lot of concern,” said Bay Minette Police Chief Al Tolbert. Wednesday’s call to 911 was different from the day before, though.

“We believe the call Tuesday originated from another country,” he explained.

Dispatch received a call this time from inside the school alerting officers a shooter was on campus. Police rushed to the scene quickly. Bay Minette Middle School placed on lockdown while officers searched classrooms and offices for any threat.

“We recognized right off the bat that the number used was a local number and we were able to obtain that information and actually find out who the phone was registered to and who had the phone activated,” said Tolbert.

Technology gave police an exact location on campus where the call was placed. Two students are now in custody, facing serious charges for the hoax.

“The charge is making a terroristic threat and that’s a felony charge. I believe it’s a class C felony. Anything that you do today follows you the rest of your life. There is no eraser to erase it,” he continued.

Chief Tolbert says the threats have kept his officers busy, with the number one priority of making sure students and staff are safe. This week he’s sending a strong message to students and warning parents that if you make a threat against a school it won’t be tolerated.

“If we can prove that someone did this they are going to be arrested and they’re going to be charged accordingly and we’re going to follow it through the court system to a successful prosecution,” said Chief Tolbert.