ROBERTSDALE, Ala. (WKRG) – It’s been a tough year for Andrea Lassitter. She was diagnosed with COVID-19 back in July and here we are the third week of December and she’s still not back to her pre-COVID self.

“By the end of the day I’m pretty worn out. I feel like I’ve run a marathon,” she said Tuesday. 

Andrea was hospitalized for a week when she initially contracted the virus. She was unvaccinated and dealing with what she thought was the worst of COVID at the time. She was sent home, only to return to South Baldwin Regional Medical Center in Foley where she’d spend five more weeks before transferring to a hospital in Tuscaloosa.

“My oxygen started dropping down into the 40s and couldn’t keep it up. They had me on as high as I could go on oxygen. They came really close to putting me on a ventilator. They had to call my husband and talk to him about it to see if that was an option that he wanted to go with,” she explained. 

Andrea ended up with pneumonia and her lungs are far from healed. Doctors have told her it could take up to two years. She’s on her portable oxygen concentrator and just now able to return to work very slowly. She’s learning to walk again and trying to resume some type of normalcy in her life.

“We just can’t take any chances. I mean it’s very serious. We’ve never been through anything more serious in our lives,” her husband Tony said. “The prayers have really helped and we appreciate all of the prayers,” added Andrea. 

She’s making progress and hopeful her lungs heal quicker than expected. She’s looking forward to spending time with family this Christmas, even if things aren’t exactly the way they were a year ago. If you would like to help Andrea, you can contribute to her GoFundMe account here.