BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — Much of the South is in the middle of a potentially dangerous and deadly heat wave, with temperatures that could reach record highs in some places and combine with humidity to make it feel like it’s 100 degrees or hotter.

No matter how you say it, “it’s burning up outside!” or, “It’s insufferably hot,” it all means the same thing. “It’s just summertime in Mobile and this area,” says Drew Akridge. “It’s really hot.”

The heat is worse for some more so than others. Like the road crew laying asphalt off County Road 32 near Fish River.

“I say it is the hottest job,” says Dennis Chance as he watches over his crew of workers making sure they don’t get overheated. “Drink plenty of water, Gatorade and take breaks.”

One of the more popular places when it gets this hot, is anything to do with water. Like the splash pad in Robertsdale.

“Trying to keep the kids entertained while it’s a hundred degrees outside and a splash pad with water is a good choice,” says mom Lori Smith.

With a heat index in the triple figures, this is the kind of weather expected in late summer.

“We usually have the month of June to be outside to do more things outside and it’s not hunkered down in the air condition till July,” says Smith. “This is absurd.”

Playing or working in heat like this can be dangerous.

“Hydrate,” says Akridge, “that’s about the only thing you can do and catch some shade when you can.”

Heat like this has to be taken seriously.