BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office is giving citizens an up close look at what they do.

Captain Andre Reid said it was a good decision made by Sheriff Hoss Mack to start the academy.

“This is just one more opportunity for us to be with our people in the community, and we enjoy that,” Reid said. “We want them to come in and see our deputies, our facilities, the equipment we have because at the end of the day, we serve them.

The six-week course includes hands-on exercises, video presentations and the proper way to shoot a gun safely. We spoke with some of the students who say it is a fun experience.

Kelly Mooney, an academy student, says she looks forward to every Tuesday because the academy focuses on different categories each week.

“I’ve just had a great time,” Mooney said. “We have got to tour the jail, learn about all the different areas of law enforcement, and it’s just been a great time.”

Mike Shaft, another academy student, says his favorite part so far is being able to get to know the deputies who are protecting Baldwin County a little closer.

“It’s all been so cool, and the good news is we get to see the officers behind the scenes,” Shaft said. “Usually, we see the officers; it’s not always a good thing maybe getting a traffic ticket. You get to see these guys be human and personable.”

Captain Andre Reid said once the course is finished there will be a formal graduation, and the students who finished will receive a certificate. Reid also said there will be more Citizens Academy courses in the future.