Baldwin County Schools superintendent releases COVID-19 update

Baldwin County

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — Baldwin County Schools Superintendent Eddie Tyler released a statement to parents on COVID-19 over the Thanksgiving holidays.

The full release reads:


It is hard to believe but we are nearly one month away from the end of 2020. Can I hear a big “Yahoo!”?

As we come upon this Thanksgiving break, I want to give you a few updates about COVID-19 and I really need you to make sure you are being careful and doing your best to stay safe and COVID-free throughout the holidays.

We are certainly seeing an uptick in COVID cases across the country and in our communities. This has been expected for a long time. I think we all realized with allergies and flu we would see more potential for the spread of the fluids and germs which carry COVID-19. Having said that, I am also very pleased at how we have made it this far without a single school closure or any significant outbreak in any of our schools. That is a big thank you to our kids, our teachers, support staff and of course, you!

While we are out for the Thanksgiving break, our schools will be sanitized but they will also be free of people for 10 days. This should give ample opportunity for any germs to die off and bring us back to a very clean environment when we return from Thanksgiving break. When we return, we will be wearing masks, sanitizing our hands multiple times throughout the day and social distancing where possible.

When we return from Thanksgiving break, it is my hope your children don’t bring anything back with them. I really need to emphasize how important it is during this break for you to keep your guard up. I have received so many emails from parents who do not want to see our schools closed. I am right there with you but my number one job is to educate and protect your children. I need your help to make sure we can keep our schools open through Christmas so please make sure your family is wearing masks when in proximity to others outside your household, use hand sanitizer liberally and maintain social distancing where possible.

Having said all that, I know how much this traditional family holiday means to all of us. I am saddened by those states and communities who will not be allowing family interaction and quite frankly, I wonder how such is possible. I will be with my family for Thanksgiving and I hope you will be celebrating all you have to be grateful for with your family, too. Let’s do this while remembering to do so responsibly so that we can get to Christmas without a single school closure.

When we return from Thanksgiving break, I will send you another email about how we will handle any school closures should such become necessary between now and Memorial Day. I am very grateful we have not had to consider school closures thus far and it is my hope we will not have to at all but we have specific plans and protocols that I would like to share with you outlining how that would happen if we must.

Thank you for trusting us with your children and on behalf of the 4,000 employees in the Baldwin County School System and our school board, I thank you very much for what you do.

Eddie Tyler,


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