DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG)– Baldwin County residents who commute regularly are thrilled to know help is on the way to resolve I-10 problems.

Daphne resident, Joe Ard, has lived in Baldwin County his whole life and is ready to see a change in the frequent traffic jams coming to and from Mobile.

“I’m looking forward to if it will relief some of this traffic, because we have had so many people move here to Daphne and Baldwin County is just blowing up, so a new bridge would be sweet,” said Ard.

Baldwin County residents constantly commute to Mobile and are tired of the endless traffic on the bay-way. Residents explained that it is about time that something changes.

Spanish Fort resident, Chris Mcbay, works in Mobile five times a week and is ready to see the traffic and accidents lighten up.

“I work on a tug boat out in Mobile, so 5 o’clock traffic, two or three hours usually, the causway ain’t no better and they are about to do that tunnel work and that is going to make it a heck of a lot worse” Mcbay said.

Baldwin County, help is on the way, it might just take a while.