BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG)– The recent excessive heat has made Baldwin County School’s parents concerned for their child’s health and safety especially on the school bus which has no air conditioning, but the school system has a solution.

With recent heat index’s around 104, parents have used social media to voice their concerns about the heat but on school buses.

One parent we spoke with, Marie Carpinone said her children come home drenched in sweat.

“They are very hot,” Carpinone said. “We do have kids that come off the bus that are just red and sweaty, and my daughter comes off the bus in the afternoons especially sweaty.”

Students load onto the buses at the end of the school day, but also the time of the day where it’s, hot, really hot. There is no air conditioning and the only source of air is when windows are put down.

But Baldwin County Public Schools is phasing in air conditioning into the new buses they’re ordering, 31 new buses with AC are on order that includes 4 special needs buses at a total cost of $300-thousand dollars. Carpinone said the new buses should make a big difference.

“For sure, these poor kids, sometimes you see all these windows open, and it’s just like instead of the windows open,” Carpinone said. “They need that AC, they need the air on them.”

Baldwin County Public Schools have also required all schools within the system to have frequent water breaks throughout the day for all grades and ages in order to beat the heat.