BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) – It’s a cold morning on the farm, but Greg Burris knows the temperatures will drop even more later this week.

“We’ve been checking antifreeze in tractors and pumps and trying to figure out what we’re going to do,” said Burris Wednesday.

He’s worried most about his strawberries which are a big seller each year at his market in Loxley. Last December he was already picking berries, but this month he’s just hoping they survive.

“We’re not going to lose the plants, we’re going to lose these blooms or the fruit if we can’t keep them from freezing,” he said.

He’s making last-minute preps Wednesday and will try to frost protect the crop, but the cold air likely won’t allow the sprinklers to produce enough heat he says and that’s if the sprinklers will even function at all.

“The little spring in there gets ice in it and it freezes up and the sprinkler stops turning. That’s going to be a problem. I’ve been down to 18 degrees and maybe lost 30% of the fruit,” explained Burris.

If he does lose product, he expects it’ll take a month or two to replace what’s lost. Burris has a frost alarm he’ll be monitoring Friday morning and through the weekend that will send alerts when the temps dip too low. He says at that point he’ll head to the farm and try to repair frozen sprinklers and save what he can.