LOXLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — A lease agreement between Loxley building owners and the Baldwin County Commission was terminated this month citing “unsafe and unsanitary” conditions for the abrupt decision. The building, located at 3147 1st Avenue in Loxley, was home to the Baldwin County Library Cooperative since the lease began in October 2021.

The Baldwin County Library Cooperative intended to remain in the building for five years, but we’ve learned septic tank problems inside the facility forced them to terminate the lease. Officials said the building is “unfit for occupancy” and now the search for a new facility is underway.

Commissioner Billie Jo Underwood provided a statement to WKRG News 5 about the move to another location.

“The Baldwin County Commission is aware of the need to find a centralized location to house the Baldwin County Library Corporative so that the citizens can continue to be served through the Library Cooperative. I talked with a couple of the board members, and they want some clarity about the cooperative. We want to be supportive and make sure that we’re making the right decision so the cooperative can be the support mechanism that they are created to be.”

Commissioner Billie Jo Underwood

The cooperative is a non-profit network partnered with 13 public libraries in Baldwin County to provide access to over 500,000 library materials to members.