LOXLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — The Garden at Bella Sera’s business license has been revoked by the Baldwin County Planning and Zoning commission after one neighbor made a noise complaint.

Robin Gregorious owns The Garden at Bella Sera. It’s a popular wedding venue — and has even gained the attention of actress and producer, Reese Witherspoon, who filmed parts of the Hulu series “Love in Fairhope”, she wrote a letter praising the site.

But not everyone is feeling the love. At least one neighbor called out the venue for being too loud, forcing Gregorious to go before Baldwin County Planning and Zoning board commission in July. It ended with her business license revoked. Since then, Gregorious has worked to remedy the problem.

“I spent $10,000 and obtained my own sound study with a professional team out of Miami, Florida, so I have a decibel reading I can follow easily,” Gregorious said. “I was not given that opportunity at the hearing to implement my plan of correction.”

We reached out to the commission about the matter on Wednesday. They declined to comment, but we did speak with some nearby neighbors who said they’ve noticed the venue has started to quiet down.

Jeanette Craig, a neighbor, has lived close to the venue for two years.

“It seems like since they’ve had complaints, they have toned it down a little bit,” Craig said. “It’s not quite as loud as it used to be or not as late as it used to be.”

David Blanchard has lived behind the venue for 10 years and said he hears noise sometimes.

“I hear wedding cheers of the happiness of the couples getting married, which is an exciting thing for everybody,” Blanchard said. “I hear band music, but it doesn’t bother us.”

Gregorious has mitigated the problem and is limiting the bass intensity of DJs and bands.

“So for the $10,000, I received a 98 decibel reading,” Gregorious said. “I have the proof that nothing will be a problem to any of my neighbors apparently the culprit was a bass subwoofer, and that’s what will cause a thump, thump, thump. We no longer have that here, so neighbors will not having anything to complain about.”

Gregorious hired a lawyer who wrote a 15-page appeal, which is allowing her to continue business, and she is completely booked until 2025.

David Blanchard also explained that the Baldwin County Commission should be proud of the venue rather than trying to shut it down.

“Its good for our community,” Blanchard said. “It brings people around to the Loxley community and helps drive business to this area so I’m all for it.”

Gregorious will go before a  judge on January 10th in Fairhope to see if she will win back her business license and operate normally. Until then, Gregorious is continuing running weddings every weekend at The Garden at Bella Sera.