ROBERTSDALE, Ala. (WKRG) — When a call comes into the Baldwin County 911 Center, maybe the most important information the dispatcher can relay to first responders is an accurate address.

A project now underway will help do just that anywhere in the county.

“We are working with Geo-Comm to field-verify addresses,” says GIS Addressing Manager Scott Warner. “We want to make sure everyone’s addresses are mapped properly.”

A driver will physically address challenging areas like mobile home parks, apartment complexes and rural areas where street names or addresses may be hard to find.

“He will be driving through the community putting eyes on houses and mailboxes to see if we can get those numbers matched properly in our system,” says Warner.

The field verification process started Monday, Nov. 13, and will run through the 17th in the county’s northern half. At least four more trips are planned over the next three months.

The hope is to get accurate routing information as quickly as possible to first responders that will also be shareable with other agencies.

“We are trying to troubleshoot and locate these people in a timely manner and get them the help they need,” says Interim 911 Director Kathryn Byrd.

A few numbers clearly posted on a house or a mailbox could save a life.