LOXLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — People are raising money and awareness for adoption in Baldwin County. A local charity that supports adoptive families held a fundraiser Saturday. Runners make their way through Loxley Municipal Park Saturday morning. It’s for Oath’s first 5k–Oath stands for “Orphans awaiting their homes.” They raise money for families going through the adoption process. For some of the adults who were adopted as kids–adoption changed their lives for the better.

Estania Lippincott, Adopted at 7: “I think it’s important it helps people have the opportunity to adopt and be able to give children a better life,” said Estania Lippencott who was adopted from Haiti at age seven. Joshua Lewis was 15 when he was adopted from Haiti as well.

“I know God put the heart of adoption in people’s hearts just like we’re adopted in the spirit of Jesus Christ I believe in adoption,” said Lewis. The process of adoption can be burdensome, tiresome, bureaucratic, time-consuming and most of all, expensive.

“It’s a sacrifice but nothing that’s worth anything is free,” said Oath President Joseph Abrego. “It can be brutal, you get tons of background checks and everybody’s vetting you, international adoptions there’s travel, that’s pricy and the logistics of going to another country. Every step on the run is a step closer for a family that wants to open their heart and their home to a child in need of someplace safe.

“It is the most beautiful mountain you’ll ever be broken on,” said Medea Abrego with Oath. “The process the red tape the financial burden and so many families would adopt but they say they can’t afford it, that’s why we exist so more children can have families.”