ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) – Labor Day is already going to be a busy day on the water, but now there are more people expected to pack Orange Beach in the coming days.

“You know a form of peaceful protest in a time of uncertainty I thought this would be a way to get a lot of people together in a positive way,” said Jack Galletta, who organized the area’s first Back The Blue boat parade that’s scheduled for Monday afternoon.

The parade is aimed at honoring the men and women in law enforcement locally and on a national level.

“We’re going to have the fire boats out there, the police boats are going to be out there, the jet skis are going to be out there. We’ve got other boats from other departments that are wanting to come out and join us,” he said.

So far the response has been overwhelming in south Baldwin County. Galletta says he’s received calls and messages from law enforcement agencies across the area who are wanting to participate.

“This is intended whether you’re republican, democrat or whatever. This is intended for you to come out and just support your local law enforcement and your national law enforcement,” Galletta added.

The parade will start at 1 p.m. Monday. To learn more about the event click here.

“It’s unfortunate that a lot of people have turned their backs on law enforcement as of late and seem to forget everything they’ve done for us. The places that we worship, the businesses that we work at, our homes, we are all safe because of our law enforcement,” he added.