FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — At first glance, the 40 acres along U.S. Highway 98 just outside of Foley may look like any other horse farm. In fact, it’s a rescue for neglected and unwanted horses and just about anything else. “We take in any livestock that needs a soft landing,” said owner Amber Buswell.

It’s called Shorty’s Safe Haven and it is not just an animal rescue, it’s a human rescue too. Buswell’s goal is to help as many creatures and at-risk kids as she can using one to save the other. “So we bring foster kids and at-risk youth together for equine-assisted therapy,” said Buswell.

This is a farm full of horses and kids all with their own stories all looking for the same thing, a little bit of hope. “I never gave the mental aspect of it a whole lot of thought until my adopted daughter came to live with us and I was able to witness the transformation,” said Buswell. It’s something her other daughter, Morgan, has witnessed too. “I’ve seen it really help them like emotionally like some of the kids open up,” said Morgan. “We have one girl, she was very quiet when she came and now she is very willing to help the other kids.”

Keeping a non-profit afloat these days is hard enough, add more than three dozen mouths to feed and it can be overwhelming. To help ease the burden, a fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 1. Shorty’s Fall Festival is a chance to see a farm unlike any other in Baldwin County and a chance to make a difference. “I would love this farm to be whatever the community needs,” said Buswell.

The festival will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday and will include yard sale items, arts and crafts, food trucks, pony rides and more. It is a rain or shine event. Shorty’s Safe Haven is located at 12866 U. S. Highway 98 in Foley.