FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — As soon as you walk in the door there is a difference. Aldi grocery stores are only 12,000 square feet but in that space is everything that Aldi is known for. “Aldi offers the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices so we are going to be the low-cost leader in the market,” said Director of Operations Phil Hodges.

First-time Aldi shoppers like Patricia Holmes agree. “It’s very nice. The products and everything. The price is right and I’m just enjoying it.”

The new store is located on Pride Drive just off Highway 59 in Foley and packed on every aisle with all the staples, according to Hodges. “We have a great alcohol selection. We have an exciting non-food section we call it our Aldi finds,” said Hodges. “That’s an area of the store where we bring in new products every single week that a new customer can come enjoy.”

“I’ve missed Aldi for almost four years now and I’m glad to be back,” said Sylvia Litte. She and her mom Cherry are very familiar with Aldi stores. “The food is fresh, it’s cheap, it’s pretty quick to get in and out of, usually,” said Cherry Smith with a chuckle. On opening day, the store was packed with shoppers, making parking a challenge. But that will get better in the coming days according to Hodges. “We’ve been very happy with the turnout today,” said Hodges. “We’ve been very excited the community of Foley gets to experience Aldi.”

And they will do it all again later this summer when two more stores open along the Eastern Shore.