BON SECOUR, Ala. (WKRG) — A quick paddle across Bon Secour River from Kent Straub’s house sits a sailboat that has seen better days by all accounts. “It was actually not a bad-looking boat when they brought it here,” said Straub.

A pirate flag now flies from the mast. “Somebody obviously climbed on the boat and put it up there as a ha-ha thing,” according to Straub.

For a year and a half, it has sat across from his property. The river claiming parts of it, any thought of repair a distant memory and anything that would have identified an owner stripped away long ago.

“It floats around,” said Straub. “It shifts around, I mean, I’ve seen the bow raise up at certain times sometimes it doesn’t. It’s starting to maybe fall apart.”

Straub said he’s called everybody he can think of to do something about the abandoned boat, the Marine Police, Coast Guard, Marine Resources, even the Governor’s office and Congressman Jerry Carl but the boat is still there.

“The right storm comes along that boat will end up in the middle of the river,” said Straub. “It’s not tied down or anchored.” That’s the biggest concern. It may be a nuisance now but it could become a real danger.