FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — The Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation Rodeo is underway in Foley. While it is fun for fans, cowboys and cowgirls, it serves a serious purpose as the main fundraiser for the Peer Helpers Program in Baldwin County Schools.

The rodeo with its broncs, bulls and barrels was a passion of a teenage red-headed, girl from Foley named Jennifer Claire Moore. “In 1997 a young, 16-year-old girl right here in the Foley community took her own life,” said Allison Moore who heads the foundation established in her honor. “It took a lot of people by surprise. What is this? What is happening? Why would this go on?”

Peer Helpers was formed to answer those questions but what started as a suicide awareness and prevention program quickly developed into something much more. “How do I handle myself, how do I say no to drugs, how do I speak up for myself when I’m being abused or neglected or things of that nature,” said Moore.

For 24 years, one of Jennifer Claire Moore’s favorite things in the world has raised the money that allows students throughout Baldwin County to help each other. “I’m here for you. I’m not judging you. I want to be there and connect and relate to you because we all have stuff in life,” said Moore.

Peer Helpers is in every public and private school in Baldwin County. 1,400 students help other kids by being a mentor, buddy and friend.