UPDATE (2/23/22): Read about the owl’s recovery here.

UPDATE (2/22/22 8:53 p.m.): The owl was captured tonight near The Gulf Rest, where it was spotted earlier today.

The owl has treble hooks embedded, with one in its mouth and the other in its back. The treble hooks have become infected and the owl is weak and dehydrated. Workers at the Wildlife Center are doing everything they can to save the owl.


ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) — A great adventure is underway in Orange Beach as animal experts and the general public team up to help a Great Horned Owl in need of a little help.

Reports started coming in about a week ago of an owl that had a fishing line and possibly a lure wrapped around one of its wings. In the last couple of days, those reports have increased as word has gotten out. The bird is still able to fly and hopefully hunt but rehabbers fear there is a hook in the wing that could cause an infection.

The Orange Beach Wildlife Management Center is actively searching for the bird that has been spotted on balconies at the Caribe condos, around San Roc Cay Marina and near the Gulf Restaurant.

Melissa Vinson heads up the Wildlife Center and says if the bird is spotted please call 1-844-303-WILD (9453) and do not try to capture the bird.