GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) — “We will keep everything inside until it dries up,” June McCostlin said as she set up her booth at the 50th Annual National Shrimp Festival.

Tents were going up Wednesday as the beachfront is transformed into a shrimp lover’s paradise with a supporting cast of hundreds.

“We’ve got over 380 booths whether it’s food, retail merchandise, arts and craft,” chairman Andrew Hart said.

A little rain will not stop the festival that happens annually on the second weekend in October, but the rain is delaying the opening.

“We decided to push back the starting time by four hours on Thursday,” Hart said. “So we will start at two o’clock. Shuttles will start running at 1:30, and it’s just precaution.”

“When you do pop-ups like this, you’re prepared,” Kayln Miller said as she just started setting up Knightingales Boutique. “You’re prepared for whatever.”

All in a day’s work for festival alumni June McCostlin.

“I have several weights plus I have my grate walls plus my product is very heavy, so I feel confident it will stay where I put it,” McCostlin said.

The weather is always the wildcard in events like this.

“Lord willing the rain will move on out, and we’ll have clear skies to set up and get ready for an incredible time,” Miller said.

Better a delay than a cancellation.