FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) — The Fairhope Police Department said two people were arrested following nearly a month scam involving door-to-door sales of pine straw, according to a Facebook Post from the FHP.

Jarel Farley, 26, and Stanchavious Turner, 23, both residents of Georgia, were arrested on Tuesday, Dec. 20. Farley is charged with two counts of exploitation of the elderly and two counts of theft of property. Turner is charged with two counts of complicity.

Police said the alleged scams took place from Nov. 16 until Dec. 5 all in Fairhope. Police said Farley and Turner “claimed to have left-over pine straw from a previous job and offered it a discount rate.”

After the homeowners agreed on an estimate per bale and the work was completed, they “insisted to be paid several thousand dollars above the estimate.”

When the victims confronted the men about the charge, police said the two tried to intimidate the homeowners when they were confronted about the change in price.

Lieutenant Shane Nolte with FHP said the victims were stunned when they were told their total for the job.

“They started to feel, I think, ‘I don’t want to say bullied, but maybe intimidated by the way he talked to them about, you owe me this money, I did the work, and now you got to pay me’ so they both ended up paying him in the long run, one used Venmo and one wrote a check,” said Nolte.

Police said they used the information on a check to identify Farel and Turner. They also warned of potentially more victims.

“Obviously, they have been making their rounds, they’ve been coming to Fairhope a lot, so if we do have more out there, please reach out to us,” said Nolte. “What they are doing is not right and we want to make sure that all our victims are taken care of.”

If you or if you know someone that could be another victim, contact Fairhope Police Department. at 251-928-2385.