California startup Pebble will use the 2023 Los Angeles auto show next month to launch its debut product, an electric travel trailer called the Flow.

Similar in concept to the L1 from rival California startup Lightship, as well as the eStream from established travel trailer company Airstream, the 25-foot Pebble Flow features its own battery and drive system designed to provide help at times to the vehicle doing the towing, and thus helping to boost range by increasing the tow vehicle’s energy efficiency, which is especially important if said tow vehicle is an EV.

This drive system can also be used remotely to maneuver the trailer in and out of tight spaces, as well as during hitching. Pebble has also developed a hitching feature for the Flow, dubbed the Magic Hitch. With this feature, the trailer automatically positions itself and hitches to the tow vehicle. The tow vehicle needs a towing capacity of at least 6,200 pounds to handle the Flow.

The battery is a 45-kwh unit that Pebble says can power all of the trailer’s appliances. With a combination of solar panels (1 kw of charging) and regenerative braking, Pebble claims the Flow will function off-grid for up to seven days.

Pebble FlowPebble FlowPebble FlowPebble FlowPebble FlowPebble Flow

To make those stays in the great outdoors easier, the Pebble Flow has an InstaCamp feature that at the push of a button deploys or retracts an awning, stairs, lights, and auto-leveling stabilizers to set up for a camp site or pack up for the road in seconds.

The trailer is also packed with conveniences, including a kitchen with a microwave and fridge, compatibility with Starlink, sleeping capacity for four, and a dedicated app to control many of the features including a climate system.

The Pebble Flow is priced to start at $109,000. An available Magic Pack, which includes a more powerful drive system plus the remote control and Magic Hitch features, brings the starting price up to $125,000. The company expects to start deliveries in late 2024.

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