Tommy Wetjen

Tommy Wetjen has made over 3.2 million dollars playing games over the last 4 years, “Minimizing losses while maximizing the employee and customer experience in business is my game … and I love to win”, says the two time back-to-back Grind Award winner. Often dubbed as a ‘Gaming Entrepreneur’, Tommy is the sole proprietor of Gamers N Geeks, Mobile Alabama’s Community Center of Gaming and the largest game store on the entire Gulf Coast.
An influencer of all things pertaining to gaming and geekdom, Tommy is also a father, philanthropist, part-time business coach, promoter, charity founder and president. Fighting through hardships, financial adversity, and even being forced to dumpster-dive as a child, Tommy’s hard work, drive and determination finally landed him in a position to have the privilege to make giving back and helping others, a big priority in his life.
His progressive core values motivate him to seek out exciting, modern advancements that are meant to not only entertain but to simultaneously educate, our future generations, using S.T.E.M learning games as a main catalyst. His vision is to continue to innovate the gaming and entertainment industry and find unique ways of nurturing and developing the local community, all while ensuring, by consistent effort, that everyone has access to a free, fun, wholesome, and accepting gaming environment.

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