T. R. Ellis

Tori Rose Ellis joined WKRG News 5 for the Summer 2022 internship program. Ellis is on track to make a career in media, and she hopes to pursue digital content production, broadcast production or reporting. Ellis also has aspirations in literature and film.

Ellis is a native to the Gulf Coast, growing up in Baldwin County. Though she lived in Birmingham for a few years, she returned home to the coast for college in Mobile.  

Ellis is an undergraduate at Spring Hill College studying English, journalism, writing, and video production. She is involved as editor in chief of the campus literary magazine and newspaper.  

Outside of her work at the news station, classes and her job as a waitress in fine dining, Tori loves writing and exploring literature. She adores movies and spends any free time working on passion projects, like short feature documentaries or story collections. She also deeply appreciates time outside enjoying the many natural features of the Gulf Coast.  

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