Nicholas Herboso

Nicholas Herbosa

Nicholas Herboso is one of the 2022 WKRG Weather Interns. Nicholas comes to WKRG from the University of South Alabama where he studies broadcast meteorology and has a minor in music. He has had the opportunity at USA to learn from a passionate faculty that includes WKRG’s own John Nodar. The faculty in the Meteorology department at USA has served as an inspiration to Nicholas to achieve high scores in his classes that have earned him a departmental scholarship for his performance his junior year. Nicholas is excited to be continuing his studies this upcoming semester and plans to graduate in 2023.  

Nicholas is active in his school, participating in the USA Meteorology Club, where he attends networking events and presentations. He also works with the USA Coastal Weather Research Center in providing warnings to local businesses.

This upcoming year at USA, Nicholas will serve as a drum major in the USA Jaguar Marching Band. Nicholas has been active in the marching band leadership in prior seasons and has many seasons of marching band elsewhere under his belt. He has marched in both Drum Corps International and Drum Corps Associates in the 2017 through 2019 seasons on baritone, euphonium, and as a drum major.

Nick was born and currently lives in Fairhope, Alabama. He has lived in Fairhope all his life and has had many experiences with the dramatic weather of the gulf coast. He credits the WKRG First Alert Storm Team along with other local meteorologists for being the inspiration to pursue a career in weather, especially after watching their coverage of the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons.  

Outside of work and school, Nicholas enjoys spending time outside running along Mobile Bay, shopping at local stores, and dining at local restaurants.

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