Kat Caraway

Kat Caraway is a local, national and internationally published photographer, cosplayer and creator based on the south coast of the United States.  She considers herself to be what she calls a “Kat of all trades” as she has worn many hats throughout her life from being a tour guide with the Gulf Coast Ducks and working with crews on local movie sets to being a Dress Specialist for wedding dress lines, an associate photographer and lead hair & makeup artist for a local magazine and an Ophthalmic tech for a local vision department, her experiences expand over many interesting spectrums.

She has extensive experience as a performer, dancer and cheerleader from her early life which she continued to do as she moved on to college at the University of South Alabama where she took courses on business management.  Currently she is a professional photographer under the alias Katco Photography and she is the owner and part-time Party Princess for her company, Once Upon A Time Parties, LLC which is what sparked her interest in the cosplay world- she enjoys being in the business of making magic and memories! 

Throughout her careers of being a party princess and photographer she has traveled to places all around the United States as well as Europe, Jamaica, Mexico and other exciting locations. She was able to live her own fairy tale by marrying her husband in Salzburg, Austria and they currently reside with their dog child in a ranch style house in Mobile.  

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