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Drexel can be found “On the Road” on Friday nights on WKRG News 5 at 5pm, bringing you the stories of interesting people, places, and things in Northwest Florida. Whether it’s swimming with dolphins, cooking up pizza in a family-owned Italian restaurant, surfing with schoolchildren, or practicing football drills with the local college team, She enjoys sharing the stories and the lifestyles of Northwest Florida with you.

Drexel has been a part of TV journalism on the Gulf Coast since she was 19-years old, when she was hired to run a studio camera for the evening newscasts at a local ABC affiliate television station. She moved to South Florida to co-anchor a popular entertainment magazine program at WPEC-TV in West Palm Beach, but knew she had to return to the Gulf Coast. Drexel found a home at WKRG News 5 where she first served as the Pensacola bureau chief and then as the morning news anchor in Mobile and now as WKRG’s “Drexel On The Road” reporter.  

Drexel was born in Texas but moved at an early age to Gulf Breeze, Florida, where she calls home.

She has two daughters. Her oldest, Avery, is morning news anchor for WFLA-TV in Tampa. Her youngest, Lauren, is “making magic” in her role with Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. Drexel’s husband, Dr. Wesley Wachob, is a United Methodist minister.

Drexel wouldn’t live anywhere other than the Gulf Coast. She enjoys running, paddleboarding, kayaking and pretty much any other outdoor activity. She has also authored several children’s books. 

If you have an idea for a “Drexel On The Road” report, please email her at dgilbert@wkrg.com


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