Lynn asks: My family room is full of south facing windows, so it turns into an oven on summer days. How can I keep the view and lose the heat?

Danny Lipford: Ideally, what you’d like to have in a situation like that is a window that is manufactured with a Low-E coating. The Low-E coating will reflect the heat back to its source, allowing you to keep the inside of your house a lot cooler.

Now, a little more budget minded way of doing basically the same thing is to install a window film on the inside of your windows. But, you only want to do this if you have single paned windows. Double pane windows, you don’t want to use any window film. But when you’re selecting your window film, make sure you select one that’ll block out a significant percentage of the UV rays, or the ultraviolet rays. This will prevent a glare, also a heat gain. And, as a little added bonus, it’ll also slow down the fading of your furniture, your window coverings, as well as your floors.

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