MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) – A number of news outlets are calling Governor Kay Ivey’s health into question, saying her office has been unresponsive for weeks. reporter Kyle Whitmire shared his concerns for Ivey’s health on Thursday in an opinion column, stating he and other state reporters he had spoken with are “asking the same questions and hitting the same wall.”

News 19’s Capital Reporter Maddie Biertempfel reached out to the Governor’s Office. Spokeswoman Gina Maiola responded:

“When it’s a slow news day in the summer, rumors run rampant in the Capital City. While I did not want to give any credibility to these bogus rumors, I do want to be sure to clear the air and set the record straight. Governor Ivey is doing great, and she continues to thank the Good Lord for keeping her healthy and cancer-free. We look forward to her leading the state of Alabama for years to come.”

– Gina Maiola, Governor Ivey’s Communications Director 

Ivey was sworn in as Alabama’s 54th Governor in April 2017. She won the Primary Election in May 2022 with over 55% of the vote. There was a runoff election for the Democratic candidate and Yolanda Flowers won the nomination.