ALABAMA (WKRG) — A lottery and better roads, just some of the things Alabamians want to see in the Yellowhammer state. WKRG asked our viewers “What is one thing you wish the state of Alabama had?” on Facebook and received over 1,000 responses.

In addition to a lottery and better roads, a better justice system, improved healthcare and better schools were among the most popular wishes.


According to an U.S. News & World Report, Alabama ranks 47th in education. Mississippi is 43rd, while Florida was ranked third.

Mobile is home to two of the top 10 colleges in the state, according to a report by Stacker. The University of Mobile was ranked seventh, while the University of South Alabama was ranked ninth.


According to an U.S. News & World Report, Alabama ranks 45th in the U.S. in healthcare. Florida ranks 25th and Mississippi ranks 50th.

Better Roads

Locally, several highways and roads are undergoing repairs and improvement projects. A new I-10 bridge and Bayway project is underway. A popular intersection in Daphne, at Pollard Road and County Road 64, is installing new turning lanes to ease traffic.

WKRG, however, has covered several deadly wrecks. Two drivers died in a head-on crash near the Alabama, Mississippi state line in February. Another head on crash on U.S. 29 resulted in two dead including a high school student in March.


Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. All four of Alabama’s neighboring states have a state lottery. Why doesn’t Alabama? That’s a question many WKRG viewers are asking.

In fact, Alabama is one of just five states that do not participate in lotteries. Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada and Utah make up the other four.

Several Floridians have hit the jackpot this year through the lottery. From a $50 scratch off to a $1 million dollar winning, residents of the Sunshine State have made it big from a simple gas station run.

A Pensacola man claimed a $15 million prize from a $30 scratch-off, two Floridians won the $2 million Match 5+ Power Play prize in 2023 and a $41 million lottery ticket was sold at a Florida Publix on Christmas Eve in 2022.

From Mardi Gras in Mobile to the several beaches and more, Alabama provides one of the more unique environments in the country.

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